An Investigator’s Journey With Venmo — From Supernatural writers to celebrities.


April 18, 2021

Written by: Eric Neal —

We live in a new world. People share their daily activities on Twitter and post pictures of their family and work and home on Facebook. Now it seems they want to share their financial history on Venmo. This is fantastic for people in the investigative world and not so fantastic for everyone else.

I have found several people who have their friends and transactions wide open. I know where they live, who they’re dating, where they bank and more. This…

In Sept 2019, I interviewed several investigators to find what they thought the worst sins in the investigative industry are. Below are their responses.

Courtesy of Eric Neal & The Skip Tracing Community

  1. One of the biggest issues I have seen is PI’s promising results that may not be obtainable. This may be anything from the catching of a cheating spouse to getting the detailed phone records of an individual. The industry in general is backed on ethics. Working out of one’s scope hurts the reputation of the industry as well as the reputation or the investigator or company…

This is an opinion piece (revised edition) on the SWIFT network and the PI’s that claim they have legitimate access to it. I am not a Private Investigator, but rather a collection agency owner specializing in asset investigation and judgment recovery consulting.

If there is one area of asset investigation that has provided me the most difficulties in learning, it’s bank locates. There is very little knowledge concerning this practice. There are certainly books that give related information. Ronald L Mendell is my favorite author when it comes to learning the art of financial asset investigation. Many of the techniques are older, but if one is creative, they can find a legal way of applying it to current times.

With the aid of a very forgiving client, a loss of about one thousand dollars and a lot of time in learning several…

The Little Known Opt-Out Guide (2nd Edt) ©

December 2, 2020

Courtesy of Eric Neal & The Skip Tracing Community —

Business Owners — Hunting down data vendor opt-out forms can be tedious. This short guide is designed to get you started. You don’t have to be a political figure or celebrity to get your information removed from a data vendor’s database. LexisNexis refers to these requests as “information suppressions.”

If asked for an explanation, my answer is simply — “Owning a collection agency puts me at significant risk of retaliation and I am in fear of my safety.”…

Find employment, banking and other pieces of information on a person.

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Written by: Eric Neal

Date: Nov 1, 2020







For many years I have spoken about the importance of adding PACER to every investigator’s tool belt. PACER stands for Public Access to Court Electronic Records. The website can be found here: The system allows users to obtain case and docket information from the United States district courts, United States…

If you have ever started an investigation on someone and found their Twitter profile, you’re typically going to find one of two things — A profile that was maybe updated a few times and hasn’t been touched in years, or a profile that is updated more times than a person blinks! If that’s the case, it might be best to just download all the Tweets into a spreadsheet and conduct your analysis from there.

A tool that I’ve recently started to use is — (I am not at all affiliated with this tool). This is completely free and all…

Somewhat Private Facebook Profile

As you probably know, many people have a Facebook profile. Oftentimes, a lot of valuable information is given in that profile. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to determine if you have the right profile. Should you spend time evaluating the profile you found or look elsewhere?

When searching for the Facebook profile of the subject (or the one you are seeking) especially with a common name, I always try to search all possible emails in Facebook. This can currently be done by going to your business page’s settings and then “page roles.” If you don’t have a business page…

On a monthly basis, I get about 25 requests to find where a person banks. There are several power methods and there’s one that I want to share with you today. This method is appropriate for all industries, including the debt collection industry where the laws are especially stringent.

This method entails making a list of businesses that have their own credit unions. Therefor, if you find the person’s employment, you may have just found their bank. This is not a verification in itself, but it’s a strong lead.

Keep in mind that employee’s immediate families are often allowed to…

Eric Neal

5 Facebook investigation groups - Frequent investigation / osint writer — 10 + years self employed asset investigation — 15 years experience.

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